The 30th Reunion (2013)

The 30th MCI Mail reunion was held in Washington, DC on Saturday evening October 19, 2013. Here's a selection of images from the evening.

Craig, waiting for the guests to arrive.

Marcey, Charlie, Annemarie and Ben

Guests on their way to the roof top terrace.

Janet, Suzanne and Fred

Susan and Brian

Peggy, Pat and Lalla

Suzanne, Greg, Leslie, Eben and Marcos

Annemarie and Loren

Jud, Vint and Patricia

Gary, Vint and Carla


Debbie and Janet

Annemarie, Patricia and Julie

Customer service team

Bruce and Carla

Susie H, Charlie, Gary, Marcey and Dave

Debbie, Vint, Leslie, Brian and Susan G
NEW - Added 11/1

Mike, Ginger and Jim

Carol and Sally

Marcey and Carla

Susie H., Craig and Susan R.

Gary, Brian and Vint
(If we could only read Vint's mind...)

Lalla and Marcey

Sally, Mary Ann, Jud, Sharlet and Gina

Peggy, Vint and Pat

Vint with the reunion committee

Susie H and Craig

And as quickly as it began, it was over -- until next time!

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A Footnote:

The video that was playing in the background, during the reunion -- you know, the one where we had the sound muted -- can now be viewed on YouTube in its entirety.

"The Gong Show"
MCI International Sales Conference

Here is an excerpt from the video, with the skit that was prepared by the MCI Mail marketing group.

"The Greatest Hits of MCI Mail"

The PEN Newsletter

Updated 10/17/2013:

All available copies of the PEN Newsletter are now available on-line on this link:


Originally posted 4/10/2013

With this posting we're initiated an effort to republish the complete run of Gary Oppenheimer's Periodic Electronic Newsletter (PEN).

PEN was written and published between 1985 and 1996 by Gary Oppenheimer of Oppenheimer Software. Oppenheimer Software was an early and long time sales agent for MCI's public electronic mail service MCI Mail.

Periodic Electronic Newsletter
By Gary Oppenheimer

Gary started PEN as a vehicle to to inform and educate his customers. Over an eleven year span of time Gary wrote on topics as mundane and diverse as the difference between the Basic and Advanced services (on MCI Mail), how to send and receive Telex messages via MCI Mail, EMS and X.400 addressing, and MCI Mail Global Access.

Keep in mind that PEN was written during the 1980s and early 1990s -- at a time when most people had never even heard of electronic mail!

On a side note, PEN is one of the first, if not the first, newsletter to be distributed via e-mail.

We hope you enjoy taking a trip back in time with the Periodic Electronic Newsletter.

A footnote:
PEN has been republished on the Scribd website.  To access the PEN collection just click on the image above, or the hyperlink under the image.  

Gary Oppenheimer to be Honored !

EXTRA EXTRA is to be recognized for exceptional service by the Points of Light organization at an awards ceremony at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, will also be giving the annual Tribute Awards to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, corporate service leader Citi and to Amy Paterson, a cancer survivor who came up with a novel child care solution for parents in treatment.

The Points of Light Tribute Awards honor individuals and organizations whose extraordinary contributions to volunteering and service have made their communities and the world better – safer, greener, healthier, more equitable, more prosperous, more educated and less vulnerable – and whose leadership inspires others to discover their power to change the world.

According to Founder and Executive Director Gary Oppenheimer, “We are delighted and honored to be recognized by Points of Light., a four year old charity, enables millions of backyard gardeners nationwide to donate their excess garden produce to a nearby food pantry when they have harvested more than they can use. It functions as a resource enabling any backyard gardener to help end hunger, malnutrition and food waste in their own community."

The event, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Bush and His Excellency, The Ambassador of Italy, Claudio Bisogniero and Mrs. Laura Denise Bisogniero, will be emceed by Fox New’s Greta Van Susteren and Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis.

Gary Oppenheimer was a long time MCI Mail sales agent during the 1980s and 1990s.

Update - 10/15/2013

From left, Francesco Vanni d’Archirafi, Gov. Chris Christie, Gary Oppenheimer and Amy Paterson

"Gov. Chris Christie and Fellow Honorees Shine at Points of Light Tribute Awards"
Point of Light Blog - 10/14/2013