The 20th reunion (2002)

The Official MCI Mail 20th Reunion Cake

A selection of MCI Mail t-shirts

Tia (customer service)

The AMS Team

Susan and Doug from marketing and Bill from operations

Susan and Bob

Susie and Suzanne from marketing

Brian and Vint

Nina and Peggy from customer service

Terry (legal) and Phil (sales) - what a combination!

Ben and Suzannne

Gary, decked out in MCI Mail Agent attire

Jean, who was there on the very first and the very last day!

Jim, one of the many great agents

Bob, Serge and Vint


Michelle, David, Leslie and Eben - a mix of customer service and sales

Carla, Debbie and Petra

Cliff (NY sales)

Dave, Carla and Terri (DEC, marketing and TSS)

Dave, Dayna and Jack (engineering, marketing and agents program)

Don and Andy

Joe (sales)

Bill and his wife Janet

The Digital Team

Carol and Jack

Bill, Vint, Mario and Ben

Vint, Andy, Bill and David

Dave, his wife Pat, and Marilyn

Mike, Ben and Fred (the print side of MCI Mail)

Marcia and Kim (HR)


Mary Ann and Gina

Marianne, Barbara, Susie, Cliff, Terry and Janet

Libby and her husband Chris

Leslie and Bob


Bill and Debbie


Julie and Bob

Steve and Mary Beth