The Speakeasy Party (1989)

Recently reposted, with freshly scanned images.

Annemarie, Gini and Cathy

Dodi, ?, ? and Judy

Doug and Suzanne

Doug (with Jack in the rear)

Charlie and Leslie

Suzanne and Julie

f: Gary and Eben
R: Patricia, Doug, Susie, ?, Regina and ?

Bruce, Carla and a mystery man

Charlie, Doug, Loren and the waiter!

Dodi,?, ?, and Gary

Dodi, Monique and Peter

Doug and Annemarie

Jack and Gary

Doug and Loren

Doug, Patricia, Gary, Susie and Regina

?, Doug and Gary

Lisa, Gary, Marcie and ?

You know who you are...

Clearly a good time was had by all.

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