The 30th Reunion (2013)

The 30th MCI Mail reunion was held in Washington, DC on Saturday evening October 19, 2013. Here's a selection of images from the evening.

Craig, waiting for the guests to arrive.

Marcey, Charlie, Annemarie and Ben

Guests on their way to the roof top terrace.

Janet, Suzanne and Fred

Susan and Brian

Peggy, Pat and Lalla

Suzanne, Greg, Leslie, Eben and Marcos

Annemarie and Loren

Jud, Vint and Patricia

Gary, Vint and Carla


Debbie and Janet

Annemarie, Patricia and Julie

Customer service team

Bruce and Carla

Susie H, Charlie, Gary, Marcey and Dave

Debbie, Vint, Leslie, Brian and Susan G
NEW - Added 11/1

Mike, Ginger and Jim

Carol and Sally

Marcey and Carla

Susie H., Craig and Susan R.

Gary, Brian and Vint
(If we could only read Vint's mind...)

Lalla and Marcey

Sally, Mary Ann, Jud, Sharlet and Gina

Peggy, Vint and Pat

Vint with the reunion committee

Susie H and Craig

And as quickly as it began, it was over -- until next time!

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A Footnote:

The video that was playing in the background, during the reunion -- you know, the one where we had the sound muted -- can now be viewed on YouTube in its entirety.

"The Gong Show"
MCI International Sales Conference

Here is an excerpt from the video, with the skit that was prepared by the MCI Mail marketing group.

"The Greatest Hits of MCI Mail"

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