Serge Wernikoff † October 24, 2009

MCI Mail ID: 108-4690

Serge was the Sr Vice President of Business Development at MCI International. Those of us who worked with Serge will remember him for many things, but mostly for his very special laugh.

Serge was involved with MCI Mail from the beginning. He patiently helped us interface the world of telex with the world of email, completing Marketing's "Wheel of Fortune!"

He taught us about the many subtleties of the telex world, including how the MCII sales force wouldn't want their revenue cannibalized by drastically cheaper email rates (back in 1984 when people actually paid for email!).

He educated us about a whole world of major customers who had great affection for their personalized "answerbacks" that didn't correspond at all to MCI Mail's planned 10-digit telex numbers, a point that was not really considered in MCI Mail's original "design of the future."

A few of us also have fond memories of meetings that came to a stand still while Serge and Vint fiddled with hearing aids and batteries.

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